The Nikki - Nightfall
The Nikki - Nightfall
The Nikki - Nightfall
The Nikki - Nightfall
The Nikki - Nightfall
The Nikki - Nightfall

The Nikki - Nightfall

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The newest Chestee to our Squad, The Nikki, is our founder’s alter ego and namesake.

Many of our loyal customers have asked for this, and we are delivering!! The Nikki is specially designed with an extra-fitted neckline to provide higher coverage for all those “I catch my cleans SUPER HIGH” athletes! While this might initially appear like the neck hole is too small, trust us: that’s just our design team’s careful attention to detail in ensuring that the barbell doesn’t sneak attack your collarbone. Once you get it on, you’ll know exactly what we mean…and you’re welcome. The Nikki also features a body of beautifully textured fabric, with an athletic mesh racerback.

In summary, The Nikki is a lot of sass, and she means business.

The Nikki Chestee offers Medium Impact Collarbone Protection and High Bust Support, with removable cups for extra privacy. Sizes 4-16 available.


  • Textured, structured fabric over front and back, including rib cage band
  • Soft but sturdy athletic mesh racerback 
  • Ultra-soft inner lining
  • Medium Impact (collarbone coverage)
  • Removable cups for added privacy
  • "C" logo centered on bottom of back strap
  • High level of bust support 

Care: wash garment on gentle cycle (or hand wash) and lay flat to dry 

Sizing tip: this style fits similar to our T and Helena styles. 


Why choose us?
Patented & Protective Sports bra for the female athlete

Patented Sports Bra with built-in collarbone protection. 


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